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The Science...

Studies show that diets which offer zero Complex Carbs will decrease good hormones which are needed to put on lean mass and to aid in losing fat.  Studies also show that diets low in fat decrease good hormones. 


Interestingly enough, Studies also show that these same diets INCREASE good hormones!  Yes, that is correct.  Diets rich in complex carbs, and diets rich in fat, both increase good hormones.  Are you confused yet?

WieFit Nutrition figures it out!

WieFit Nutrition dug deep into every study they could get their hands on.  And what they found was very interesting.  

When hormones levels were taken at the beginning of these diets, usually the first 2-5 days of the diet, the hormone levels were very high.  And when subjects stayed on these same diets, hormone levels began to decrease.  They not only go back to normal, but actually were lower than normal.

How Carb Cycling Started...

Brian Wiefering, owner of WieFit Nutrition, began competing back in the 1990's.  Brian, a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder, used this science to his advantage to put on a great deal of muscle while losing bodyfat--At the same time!

What Brian found was that when Complex Carbs are first reduced (and fat increased), the body would release ample amounts of testosterone.  Theory suggests this occurs to get through what might be interpreted as a "food shortage".  Brian recognized how great he felt those first 2-5 days, but noticed around day 6-7, he started to feel "flat", weak, and could tell his testosterone was dropping.  

So he then would switch over to a high complex Carb (and low fat) diet, and sure enough, he would feel great again, and would continue putting on lean mass while losing fat.  But again, what he noticed was around the 6-7th day, he would again start feeling flat and weak.  

Brian began rotating the two diets (low carb/high fat, high fat/low carb) every 5th day.  And he began winning his physique competition shows!  

WieFit Nutrition Becomes a Household Name

Other competitors saw Brian competing in the Drug-Free bodybuilding circuit, and those competitors (bikini, figure, physique, and bodybuilding) began knocking at his door to find out his secret!

That then turned to the non-competitor calling him for advice, and then high school and college athletes, and finally the word got out within the NFL, NBA, and MLB, and the professional athletes began coming to Brian for his Nutrition expertise.  And now his biggest clientele are those competing in Crossfit who need to be able to perform.  They need to have low bodyfat percentages for body weight exercises and high cardio demands, but also add lean mass for the Olympic lifting demands. 


The Carb Cycle Bars make The Carb Cycle Diet Easy for Anyone to follow!

Brian realized that convenience, no matter the client, was a big need, and eating 5-6 small meals per day to keep stable blood sugars, and to continually feed muscle tissue for greater fat loss, Brian need to find a way where 2-3 of these meals could be quick and easy.  Brian developed The Carb Cycle Bars to fit our busy life-styles.  But more importantly, Brian needed the to fit within The Carb Cycle Diet.  That is why the Reload Bar (higher carb/low fat) and the Deload Bar (lower carb/higher fat) were formulated!

How The Carb Cycle Diet Works

It's so Easy!  WieFit Nutrition has formulated 1000's of diets.  Rarely are two diets ever the same.  You will fill out a questionnaire that will answer many questions to help WieFit Nutrition to develop a customized diet.  WieFit will simply need your activity levels, your age, height, sex, current estimated body-fat %, a picture of you in your bathing suit, and your goals.  We also would like to see a picture of the physique you are looking for if your goal is physique driven.  If your goal is simply to become better in Crossfit, or a Mud-Run, or athlete, please tell us!  After 5 business days, you will get back a diet which outlines the amount of Calories and Macro-Nutrients.   In Utilizing our Carb-cycling techniques, you will see what days to decrease carbs and increase fat, and what days to increase carbs and decrease fat!  It's that easy!



Get Lean. Gain Muscle.

At the Same Time.

How many times have you seen people who get on a weight-loss diet by cutting calories and carbs, end up losing so much muscle and fat that they look sick or malnourished?  This comes with a price of a decreased metabolism (body burns less calories), and deflated testosterone levels, which makes a person feel miserable.  In fact, studies show that when getting on a structured diet, for every 10 lbs lost, 4 of those lbs account for muscle tissue, even when protein consumption is increased. 
Or on the other hand, how many times have you seen people who get on a diet to gain muscle, but instead put on a lot of fat too ("bulk-up").   
Unfortunately, very rarely, do people get on diets where they lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.
The Wiefit Carb Cycle Diet allows the body to burn fat (faster than normal), while gaining lean mass.  Wiefit has been utilizing the Carb Cycling Method for over 25 years, and has it down to a science.  The Wiefit Carb Cycling Diet allows the bodies metabolism to increase (burn more calories), which speeds up the fat burning process, all while gaining lean muscle tissue for that tone/ripped physique!
Another benefit of the Wiefit Carb Cycle Diet is the increase in good hormone levels.  This method has shown to increase optimal hormone levels by upwards of 50%!  This hormone response helps burn even more fat while gaining more toning muscle tissue!

Brian Wiefering, a former top Drug-Free Bodybuilder and current Nutrition Counselor to the Pro's, was able to develop a muscular and lean physique through his Carb Cycling methods.  

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Fully Customized Plan

You are Unique.  Your Diet Should Be too. 

Every Person is different.  Wiefit looks at your "7 factors" when

designing your fully customized nutrition plan. 

If your car were to break down, finding the right mechanic is key.  Trying to fix it yourself, could cause more damage.  Your body is no different.  Finding the right fully customized diet is key.  

At Wiefit, no diet is the same.  We will put together a nutrition plan fully customized based on many factors.  We take into consideration:

    1. Your lean mass pounds

    2. Your fat pounds.

    3. Your age.

    4. You activity levels (calorie output)

    5. Your sex.

    6. Your build (genetics).

    7. Your goals 


 After looking at these 7 variables, you can now see why every Wiefit diet is different.   We do not believe in the "cookie cutter" one diet fits all approach.  With 7 different variables, Wiefit believes it's border-line mal-practice when companies write up the same diet for all of their clients. 

Getting Started is as Simple as 1-2-3!

To Begin your Wiefit Carb Carb Cycle Diet,  just complete the simple steps below!


Purchase your package. Click Here to Purchase

Step 2:

Fill out the "Information Form" below.  And (optional) email a picture of yourself in a bathing suit to  This picture will never be shared, but helps our nutrition counselors take your genetics into consideration as we develop your plan

Step 3: 

In 48 hours (2 business days), you will receive your fully customized WieFit Carb Cycling Diet!

Only $199







Customized Carb Cycle Diet and 4 Follow-ups!

Easy as 1-2-3
Step 2:  Information Form (complete form only after a package is purchased)

Thanks for submitting! 

You will receive your customized Wiefit Carb Cycling Plan in 2 business days!

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