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The Carb Cycle Bar and WieFit Carb Cycle Diet Founder, Lifetime Drug-Free Bodybuilder, Nutrition Expert to the Pro's.

Maybe you have seen Brian gracing the covers of fitness magazines, or have read his articles on Nutrition and/or Training over the years. Or have heard him on various talk shows or radio shows.  Maybe you were part of one of the many fortune 500 companies Brian has presented to on topics such as "Nutrition for Better Work & Life Performance".  


Brian, a graduate of Northern Kentucky University, is the owner of WieFit Nutrition.  Brian taught Exercise Science/Sports Medicine and coached the Women's Varsity Soccer team at the nationally ranked Highlands High School. Brian continues to run WieFit Nutrition, and has a full staff who see Clients daily in his 5000 square foot studio located in Newport, Kentucky, just a couple minutes south of downtown Cincinnati. Brian prides himself on being a lifetime natural / drug free bodybuilder,  winning many shows by using his keen knowledge in Nutrition and Training.  


Brian has worked and continues to counsel many Professional Athletes such as the Cincinnati Red’s Homer Bailey, Ryan Hanigan, St. Louis Cardinals Mike Leak,  the Minnesota Viking’s Kyle Rudolph, the Cincinnati Bengal’s Otis Hudson, Jonathen Fanene, Darqueze Dennard, Tyler Eifert, Giovanni Bernard, Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Will Clark,  ESPN's Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr., the Cleveland Browns Braxton Cave, and  the Sacramento Kings Willie Cauley Stein.  These are all but a few who Brian has helped increase their performance through specialized Nutrition and/or Enhanced Sports Training.  


Brian just recently presented his nutrition concepts to the hot new FC Cincinnati professional soccer team.  WieFit heads up Wellness Programs for many businesses to improve performance from their employees while increasing morale!  WieFit is the official Training company for the 1000+ grade school and high-school aged athletes who make up the Northern Kentucky Soccer Academy (NKSA). 


How The Carb Cycle Diet Began...

Over the last 20 years, Brian has counseled over 250,000 clients on Nutrition. 


When Brian competed in his first bodybuilding show 20 years ago, he had prepared for it for about 5 years prior by staying on a calorie surplus diet the entire time. Brian knew carbs were needed to put on the amount of muscle to one day compete in a competition.  Brian bulked up to 235 lbs.  He was very strong, but sadly he also increased his body-fat, putting on about 15-20 lbs of fat in order to gain so muscle needed to compete.   


Twenty weeks prior to his competition, Brian, like many bodybuilders, chose to be on a carbohydrate free, low calorie diet.  Brian lost most of the fat he put on, but unfortunately lost most of the muscle he had worked so hard to add to his frame.  Before the contest diet, Brian was squating 500 lbs for reps, and was benching 400 lbs for reps.   After 20 weeks of losing fat, Brian can remember that final week of weight training before his contest where he struggled to bench 225 lbs, and squat anything over 300 lbs.  Brian was weak, tired, and felt terrible.  He knew there had to be a better way!


Brian began to study real nutrition and the science behind it.  He dove deep into studies, trying different methods.  He noticed that after a 3-4 days of high carbs, he would feel strong, but wouldn't begin to put on fat until the 5th or 6th day.  He noticed that on low carb days, he would stay lean, but wouldn't begin feewling weak until about the 5th or 6th day.


That was when Brian knew he was onto something.  He began using this method in his competitions.  He would use a higher carb, low fat diet for a few days, and then switch over to a lower carb, higher fat diet for a few days.  It worked!  Brian was competing each year about 5 lbs heavier than the year before, at lower body-fat percentages.  Brian was winning every drug-tested show, and was even competing in non-drug tested shows and winning those too.  Each time he would win a non-tested show, he would compete in a drug-tested show the week after, just to show his clients and other bodybuilders that it could be accomplished with the power of hard training and Carb-Cycling!  


 Brian continued to perfect the method.  He was in such demand.  Bodybuilders who wanted to do it without drugs, athletes ranging from high-school to professionals, and just those looking to lose fat while gaining muscle were knocking on his door.  Eventually he made a career out of it!   


Brian knew that smaller meals throughout the day were critical in muscle growth and metabolism.  But he saw a big void.  Many people didn't have time for those meals in between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner.  Brian recommended healthy meal replacement shakes.  He noticed that even that was not convenient for many.  Thousands of clients would ask "is there a protein bar I can substitute for the protein shakes"?  Brian searched and searched, and he saw that the protein bars either didn't have the protein requirements, and if they did, they were loaded with either a lot of sugar and/or chemicals.


Brian made it his number 1 priority to develop TRUE Whole-food protein bars.  He knew they had to fit within his Carb-Cycle Diets, so developing two types was critical.  One had to have lower carbs with higher fat, and the other had to have higher fat with lower carbs.  He knew he wanted it to consist of only the highest grade whey proteins available, and it had to taste delicious too.  It was after years of trial and error that Brian finally got the recipe's perfect!

Welcome The Carb Cycle Bars!

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