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From The Makers of The Wiefit Carb Cycle Diet!

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"I needed a bar that was so clean it would help my Physique Competitors win shows; had the nutritional requirements to support my Professional Athletes; was a true whole-food bar for local coffee shops to carry; and was so healthy and delicious that my four Daughters could consume daily."

                   -Brian Wiefering, Carb Cycle Bar Creator

The Carb Cycle Bar System Supports both Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Gains, At the Same Time!

Losing Fat while gaining Lean Muscle at the same time was always thought to be next to impossible. 
Many people who go on low-carb diets may lose fat, but also lose muscle.  It leaves you feeling weak and hungry due to low blood sugars.  In fact, studies show that when getting on a structured diet, for every 10 lbs lost, 4 of those lbs account for muscle tissue, which slows down your metabolism.
And for those who had a bigger focus on gaining Lean Muscle tissue, most often it comes with fat gains!  Keeping calories at a surplus, with too many carbohydrates will add bodyfat--Not Good!
With the Carb Cycle Bars, in conjunction with The Carb Cycle Diet, Losing Fat while gaining Lean Muscle is doable!
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It's so simple.  Eat a sensible breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On higher activity/workout days, eat the RELOAD Bar between meals.  And on the lower activity/non-workout days, eat the DELOAD Bar between meals!   
Or, for aggressive fat loss, eat 1 RELOAD bar for breakfast, 1 RELOAD bar for lunch, a sensible dinner, and 1 DELOAD bar as an Evening Snack.  If you are interested in Wiefit Nutrition putting together a customized Nutrition plan for you, Click Here!
Carb Cycle Bars will help keep blood sugars stable between meals, support fat loss and lean mass gains, and can be used as Meal Replacements, all while conveniently supplying the body with whole food nutrients!
Lose Fat, Gain Muscle
Finally a Whole Food Protein Bar
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Whole Food Bars, With The Best Protein Possible!

Why the Need for Carb Cycle Bars... 

After looking at the "protein bar market" we noticed most bars fell into 1 of a few categories. 


  • Some Bars had adequate protein, but had either way to many sugars to mask the taste of protein or had a "medicine" taste due to the fat accumulating sugar alcohols.  

  • Many Protein bars are literally candy bars with added protein.

  • There are some whole food bars on the market, but unfortunately, they just simply didn't have enough protein for gaining lean muscle tissue.

  • Most protein bars use a very cheap protein such as Soy "crisps" which give less than desirable results.

  • Many bars use Dates as their base/main ingredient.  Dates are relatively high in sugar, and are above 50 on the glycemic index.  We knew we needed something more nutritious as our base ingredient!

  • Many protein bars use ingredients that act just like sugar.  Brown rice syrup, agave, and nectar are just a few.  If you see these as the main ingredients, stay away from them!

CrossFit Exercises
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Carb Cycle Bars are delicious tasting bars with enough of the right protein to reach your physique and health goals!  

Our Protein is "Whey" Better with Collagen!
Wiefit Nutrition picked the highest quality Grass Fed whey protein and Collagen for your Carb Cycle Bars!
So why did we choose Whey Protein and Collagen?  Whey Protein has the highest biological value, meaning more of it is used by the human body compared to any other protein source.  The whey protein used in the Carb Cycle bars is also a Non-GMO, Grass Fed, and Pasture Raised Whey Protein--just unheard of in the Protein Bar market!   Collagen Protein can improve the look and health of skin, supports joint health, increases muscle, prevents bone loss, and supports heart health!
Two Whey's Are Better Than One!
We also selected a mixture of both "concentrate" and "isolate" whey proteins.  Whey Concentrate has a higher amino acid profile, which helps build lean muscle tissue!   And Whey Isolate is the "purest" possible whey protein available!  


Almond Butter

Almond Butter

When making the Carb Cyle Bar, we had so many options as our "base" food ingredient.  We chose Almond Butter, which is delicious!  Besides it allowing for our bar to taste great, we just couldn't ignore how many health benefits Almond Butter has!  

Almond Butter is rich in

  • Calcium (strengthens bones)

  • Copper (essential for a healthy nervous system) 

  • Vitamin E  (antioxidant helps lower cholesterol)

  • magnesium  (improves good hormones and energy)

  • fiber (controls blood sugars and reduces risk of heart disease)

  • protein  (builds lean muscle)

  • zinc  (immune system booster)

  • manganese (helps reduce inflammation) 

  • chromium  (controls blood sugars)

  • Vitamin B2 (energy production)

  • unsaturated fatty acids (types of 'good' fat that can help to protect your arteries).

Almond Butter not only has many health benefits, but it tastes great too!

carb cycle logo b.jpg

The Carb Cycle Diet was the first diet to where I didn't lose muscle in the process to where I looked sickly.  As I lost fat, I was getting stronger.  I not only looked better, but I felt better too.  I finally was got stronger as I lost fat!  The Carb Cycle bars make the diet easy and manageable, especially with my hectic schedule!  Wiefit Nutrition, you really are the best!"         

                                       -Chuck M.

I have never had a problem losing fat.  But every time I tried to add a little bit of muscle to get more toned, I would store fat in my mid-section.  I came to the conclusion that I could never stay lean and add muscle.  I am so grateful that I was referred to The Carb Cycle Diet.  I have been able to build up my glutes, and get rounder shoulders with toned arms, while still being able to see my abs!  You made me a believer, thank you!

                                                             -Carli S.

Carb Cycle Guarantee

Carb Cycle Bar Guarantee

The Carb Cycle Bar....

  • contains no added sugars.

  • has no artificial ingredients.

  • has no food coloring.

  • has the highest quality Whey (non-GMO,  Grass Fed, and Pasture Raised) and Collagen proteins!

  • has only whole food ingredients.

  • has no harmful preservatives.

  • will never compromise on ingredients to compete with "cheap protein candy bars".

  • has zero  genetically modified ingredients.

  • tastes delicious.

  • is healthy enough to feed our own Children. 

The Carb Cycle Bar Story

How It Began

Brian Wiefering - WieFit Nutrition

Carb Cycle Bar Creator, WieFit Carb Cycle Diet Founder, Lifetime Drug-Free Bodybuilder, and Nutrition Expert to the Pro's.

Maybe you have seen Brian gracing the covers of fitness magazines, or have read his articles on Nutrition and/or Training over the years. Or maybe you've heard him on various talk shows or radio shows, or you were part of one of the many fortune 500 companies...

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